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 ECHANGE (full collec' listée)

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Ending Song

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Localisation : Bruxelles

MessageSujet: ECHANGE (full collec' listée)   Dim 28 Sep - 13:25

Bonjour j'ai à l'échange cette liste (dsl, ca risque d'être un peu long, mais j'ai mit ça par bloc pour + de facilités). Mes recherches seront après.

Bon :


Akroma’s vengeance x3
Contested c liff x1
Oversold cemetery x4
Silklash spider x2
Starstorm x2


Pule of the forge x4
Arc-slogger x4
Viridian zealot x4
Sculting steel x4
Sword of light and (…) x2
Oblivion stone x4
Mindslaver x4
Plunge into darkness x1
Arbound reclaimer x1
Pulse of the fields x3


Goryo’s vengeance x3
Isamaru x4
Cranial extraction x4
Gift ungiven x4
Kataki x1
Yosei x4
Shinka x1
Shizo x1
Miren x1
Higure the still wind x2
Minamo x1
Mikokoro x1
Hokori x1
Hikari x2
Eiganjo castle x1
Okina temple to the (…) x1
Thought of ruins x1


Windeaver x4
Shadow of doubt x3
Necroplasm x2
Dark confident x4
Grave-shell scarab x1
Glare of subdual x2
Voidslime x4
Avatar of discord FOIL x3
Rakdos Augermage x1
Aethermage’s touch x2 (un foil)
Orzhov pontiff x2
Cerebral vortex x4
Isperia the incrutable x4
Niv-Mizzet x1 (russe)
Dimir Doppelganger x4
Seize the soul x2
Sins of the past x1
Chord of calling x1
Helldozer x1
Quicken x2
Hatching plans x1
Golgari Grave-troll x1
Loaming shaman x1
Skeletal vampire x2
Burning tree shaman x4
Invoke the firemind x3
Proclamation of rebirth x1
Life of the loam x4
Protean Hulk x2
Copy enchantement x1
Bound/Determind x1
Hide/seek x2 (un chinois)
Research/Developement x3
Odds/ends x2
Crime/punishement x1
Moratorium stone x3
Bottle cloister x4
Sunforger x1


Mindslicer x4 (chinois)
Greater good x4
Wildfire x3
Persectute x4
City of brass x4
Sacred ground x4
Jester’s cap x3
Ivory mask x3
Defense grid x1


Saffi x2
Intet the dreamer x1
Oros the avenger x3 (2 release)
Numot the devastator x1
Glittering wish x1
Horizon canopy x1
Nimbus maze x1
Rites of flourishing x1
Magus of the bazaar x2
Mage of tabernacle x4
Voidstone gargoyle x3
Rhada heir to keld x2
Benalish commander x2
Magus of the moat x1
Serra sphinx x1
Trickbind x4
Magus of the arena x1
Akroma angel of fury x1
Magus of the library foil x1
Shiva wumpus x1
Porphyry nodes x4 (un foil)
Detritivore x2
Gauntlet of power foil x1
Aeon Chronlicler x2
Summoner’s pact x1
Tombstalker x1
Dust elemenal x1
Muraganda (…) x1
Quagnoth x1
Dralnu x3
Gemstone cavern x1
Kher keep x2
Pact of negation x4
Teferi mage of (…) x4
Serendith sorcerer x1
Vesuvan shapeshifter x4
Walk the aeons x3
Reiterate x3
Ixidron x3
Word of seizing x3
Jaya ballard x4
Magus of the disk x4
Mangara of corrondor x4
Pentarch palladin x1
Chronosavant x2 (un foil)
Fortune thief x3
Evangelize x1
Bogardan hellkite x3
Tivadar of thorn x3
Magus of the scroll x1
Sengir Nosferatu x1
Magus of the mirror x1
Thelonite hermit x4
Linessa, (…) x1
Nether traitor x2
Plague silver x2
Sudden spoiling x4
Flasgtone x4
Squall line x1
Magus of the future x1
Crovax x1
Body double x1
Vesuva x4
Stonebrow x1
Academy’s ruin x2
Spectral force x4
Avalanche rider x4
Stupor x4
Withered wretch x4
Soul collector x2
Dauthi slayer x3
Undead warchief x4
Shadow guildmage x4
Voidmage prodigy x4
Willbender x4
Soltari priest x1
Sacred Mesa x4
Valor x2
Teferi’s moat x3
Shadowmage infiltrator x4
Mystic enforcer x4
Mystic snake x2
Void x4
Mirrari x4


Spinerock knoll x2 (Foil)
Mosswort bridge x2
Howltooth hollow x4
Shelldock isle x3
Wanderine hub x1
Secluded glenn x1
Ancient Amphitheater x2
Auntie’s hovel x2
Gilt-leaf palace x1
Colfenor’s plan x3
Dread x2
Cairn wanderer x3
Mad auntie x1
Thoughtseize x1
Profane command x1
Nettlevine blight x2
Boggart Mob x1
Oona’s prowler x1
Knucklebone witch x1
Heat shimmer x2
Ashling’s prerogative x3
Hamletback goliath x1
Icendary command x2
Hostility x2
Wild ricochet x4
Sunrise Sovereign x1
Ashling the pilgrim
Dauntless dourback x1
Epic proportion x2
Timberprotector x1
Cloudtresher x1
Masked admirer x3
Primal command x2
Wren’s run packmaster x4
Austere command x1
Militia’s pride x1
Hoofprint of the stag x2
Favor of the mighty x1
Arbiter of knowledge x1
Jace x1
Chandra x1
Liliana Vess x1
Mistbind clique x3
Guile x3 (1 foil)
Shapesharer x2
Wanderwinz prophet x1
Forced tuition x2
Scion of oona x1
Surgespanner x1
Sygg river guide x1
Gaddock teeg x2
Doran x2
Wydwen the biting (…) x2
Brion stoutarm x1 (foil)
Hord of notion x1
Nath of the (…) x3
Rings of the brigthearth x3
Dolmen gate x1
Door of destinies x2 (1 foil)
Boldwyr (…) x4
Titan’s revenge x1
Battletide alchemist x1
Kinsbaile bodygard x1
Stonehewer Giant x2
Grimoire thief x3
Mindspring x1
Knowledge exploitation x1
Declaration of naught x2
Sigil tracer x2
Auntie’s snitch x3
Stenchskipper x1
Mindshatter x3
Earwig squad x1 (foil)
Reach of branches x2
Greatbow Doyen x1
Leaf-crowed elder x1


Knollspine invocation x1
Cragganwick cremator x1
Furystoke giant x1
Elemental mastery x1
Knollspine dragon x1
Runed halo x4
Greater auramancy x1
Mass calcify x2
Boon reflection x1
Mana reflection x1
Twilight shepherd x1
Woodfall primus x4
Mossbridge troll x1
Spawnwrithe x2 (1 foil)
Midnight banshee x1
Polluted bounds x1
Hollowborn barghest x1
Savor the moment x1
Thought reflection x1
River kelpie x4
Counterbore x2
Glen elendra liege x4
Oona queen (…) x1
Augury adept x4
Tyranize x2
Valleymaker x4
Rosheen meanderer x3
Fulminator mage x4
Demigod of revenge x2
Spiteful vision x1
Everlasting torment x2
Vexing susher x3
Sygg river cuttrhoat x1
Fracturing gust x4
Deus of calamity x2
Enchanted evening x1
Pyrrhic revival x1
World purge x1
Wort (…) x3
Wheel of sun and moon x3
Boartusk liege x1
Dire undercurrents x1
Ghastlord of (…) x1
Grim poppet x2
Painter servant x4
Reaper king x1
Reflecting pool x2
Divinity of pride x1
Spirit of the hearth x1
Murkfiend liege x1
Cold-eyed selkie x1
Umbra stalker x1
Rekindled flame x1
Crackleburr x1
Hate flayer x1
Overbeing of myth x1 (foil)
Call the skybreacker x1
Sapling of colfenor x1
Primalcrux x1
Mirror sheen x1


Teferi’s response x2
Genesis x1
Worship x1
Upheaval x2
Eladamri’s call x1
Absorb x2
Goblin’s trenches x3


Roar of the wurm FNM Spirit monger GP FOIL x1
Gerrard’s verdict FNM x1
Force spike FNM x1
Call of the herd GP FOIL x1
Goblin ringleader FNM x1
Resurection FNM x1
Wall of roots FNM x1
Wings shards FNM x1
Fire/Ice FNM x2
Circular logic FNM x1


Je cherche :

4 bitterblossom
4 mutavault
2 vendilion clique
3 cryptic command
3 Cascade Bluffs
3 Flooded Grove
2 mystic gate
4 Tarmo
2 chameleon colossus

PM moi Smile
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ECHANGE (full collec' listée)
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