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 Joey the famous.

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Fields of Hope

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MessageSujet: Joey the famous.   Mar 10 Mar - 12:25

Sam Black on StarCityGames a écrit:
My last round was against Joffrey Patriarca, playing Kithkin with Red. In game 1 I started pretty far behind, but managed to take control eventually except that he had a Figure of Destiny that was threatening to go big. Eventually we hit a point where the figure was only a 2/2 but he had 6 lands in play, and I had something like a Spellstutter Sprite and Scion of Oona and a Mistbind Clique in my hand. I decided not to Clique him during his upkeep because I wanted him to attack, then I would play the Clique as a 5/5 and block his Figure which he could only make a 4/4. I was at 5. He played Banefire and killed me. The top card of my library was Vendilion Clique, so if I had played Mistbind Clique during his upkeep and Vendilion Clique during his next draw step to get rid of the Banefire, there’s a reasonable chance that I could have just chump blocked his Figure and raced him. On the other hand, he could sit back on it and hope to draw another Banefire as his worst alternative, so there’s a reasonable chance that this mistake didn’t cost me the game. Not sure.

I sided in 2 Sower of Temptation, 3 Infest, and cut 2 Thoughtseize and 3 Broken Ambitions. I left the last Peppersmoke out because almost all of his creatures had two toughness, and the next card I’d have to cut would probably be Jace, but I wanted it to support my role as a control deck. I was comfortable cutting the Broken Ambitions as the only card I feel like I really need to counter is Spectral Procession and I have Infest and Peppersmoke to deal with it.

I don’t remember a lot of details from games 2 and 3. I know that they were close and interesting and I had Bitterblossom both games. I also remember that in one game played turn 1 Goldmeadow Stalwart and turn 2 Wizened Cenn, and that on turn 3 I Agony Warped to kill the Cenn and Fog the Stalwart, blocked it with my token, and Peppersmoked it at the end of his turn.


Nice le petit Banefire et tu t'es bien fait baisé sur l'agony warp là.

(moi je dis, maindeck surge ftw Very Happy )
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Judge lvl 1

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MessageSujet: Re: Joey the famous.   Mar 10 Mar - 12:50

Cool, je suis dans des reports de pro.
En tout cas, il était bien sympa ce Sam Black.
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Joey the famous.
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